The QuintEssential – Single Cask Series

Tokaji Cask Finished

The QuintEssential Tokaji Cask Finished is the first release in our new QuintEssential Single Cask Series. This series will highlight our award winning American Single Malt in some of the most unique finishing casks from around the world.

With history dating back centuries, Tokaji is a Hungarian dessert wine that was famously called the “king of wines, and the wine of kings” by Louis XIV.


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Leaving a Legacy of
Whiskey in the Midwest

2017 Distillery of the Year

This sweet and luscious wine imparts a unique richness into The QuintEssential.

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“The beautiful thing about whiskey is that there is no right or wrong. Each barrel is different, with its own unique strengths and limitations. Your role is to discover them.”

Murphy Quint
Murphy Quint, Head Distiller