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Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery is rooted right in the Corn Belt in Swisher, Iowa. Iowans understand the value of a hard day at the job, and that desire to unwind after it. From acres of Iowa-grown grapes to our unending bushels of corn straight from our fertile Midwestern soil, we put only the best into our wines and spirits – nothing else will do.
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Harvest Blush Cedar Ridge wine
Cedar Ridge House wines are younger, fresher and meant for immediate consumption. These varieties are un-aged and more fruit forward on the palate. These casual wines are good for any audience from wine enthusiasts to connoisseurs. Cedar Ridge House wines are readily available on-site and off-site year around. Cheers!

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Cedar Ridge Wine - Atlas

Cedar Ridge Estate wines are among the best Iowa has to offer. These wines are crafted from grapes from our very own vineyards, and run the gamut in terms of flavor and style. Enjoy what Iowa has to offer.

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Double Oak Cedar Ridge wine

Cedar Ridge Premiere Series​ wines represent some of our highest quality wines. These typically require more aging time and specialized wine making techniques. Many of these ​labels are a composition of Iowa and California varietals. Cheers!

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