White Port

Cedar Ridge White Port will be our first new wine released this fall.  Made from estate-grown St. Pepin and locally grown Frontenac Gris, and fortified with our own grape brandy, this wine has been barrel aging for a year, developing wonderful nutty aromas and flavors. Perfectly balanced with crisp acidity, residual sweetness and 19.5% alcohol, and enhanced by a lingering finish of candied ginger, our White Port leaves you wanting more.

Drink alone chilled as a dessert wine, or mix equal parts with soda or tonic water and garnish with a lime for a incredible spritzer. Serve with almonds, hard cheeses, stone fruit, or even sushi for a superb food and wine pairing.  Unopened White Port will keep a few years, or opened and refrigerated up to a month.

White Port is very delicious and difficult to find. It makes a great, unique gift!

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