The Gazette: Gift Ideas (from Eastern Iowa) for the Food and Drink Lover

By Liz Zabel

Plenty of opportunities to find the most flavorful gift

Foraging for a flavorful gift for the foodie in your life? We have some ideas.


Stop by Benz Beverage Depot in Cedar Rapids for custom-made gift boxes or supplier-made gift sets. There are many options to choose from, including a “make your own bitters set,” for example, or Benz general manager Matt Hanlin’s recommendation, the Woodford Reserve master tasting kit, which includes a 750mL bottle of the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a glencairn glass and a tasting guide from the master distiller. Another popular option, Hanlin said, are liquors sold in uniquely shaped bottles, such as fish, racecars and more. Prices vary.


Consider a beer basket from Lion Bridge Brewing Company, which supports three local businesses in just one gift, said owner Quinton McClain. There are a variety of baskets to choose from, all of which include one growler and a gift card programmed with enough money to fill it. Some include beer soap from Thumbprint Soap, beer mustard from the Sausage Foundry, coasters and/or glassware. Depending on the contents, baskets range from $25 to $50.


Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery released a special holiday Bourbon — “Port Cask Finished Bourbon” — which features the unique color and flavors of dried cherry as well as the scent of vanilla and spices — the result of resting in port wine casks for the last 12 months. It’s 111 proof and quantity is limited, as only five barrels were released. You can find it at their tasting room in Swisher or at the Oakland Road Hy-Vee in Cedar Rapids. Pair the whiskey with a set of whiskey stones — or “glacier rocks” at Benz Beverage Depot for $16.99 — which prevent your whiskey from being watered down with ice.

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