Cedar Ridge Rum Ginger Squeeze Cocktail Recipe

The weather forecast predicts temperatures will be in the high 50’s this weekend. Temps like this, in the midst of an Iowa winter can come off feeling like a heat wave! T-shirts will be warn, shorts and sandals will make their 2016 debut, and a refreshing cocktail will be top of mind! Plus, including ingredients like lemon, mint and ginger will make you feel good about drinking it!;o)


2 shots Cedar Ridge Barrel-Aged Rum
1 shot simple syrup
1 lemon
1 ginger root
fresh mint leaves


Muddle 2 lemon wedges, 6 mint leaves and 3 slices of fresh ginger in rocks glass. Fill glass with ice. Add 2 shots Cedar Ridge Barrel-Aged Rum and 1 shot of simple syrup. Garnish with candied ginger and mint leaf. For larger gatherings, make a batch ahead of time!

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