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Cedar Ridge Distillery Updates: Jamie Siefken named President & Murphy Quint named Master Distiller

As we start out 2024, we’re excited to announce that Jamie Siefken will assume the role of President and General Manager of Cedar Ridge Distillery, Murphy Quint will assume the Master Distiller role while continuing in his role as Director of Operations, and Andy Klimesh will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer effective immediately announced Jeff Quint, Founder and CEO.

“Building Cedar Ridge with my wife Laurie has been the greatest achievement of my career.  We’re proud we’ve been embraced by the local Iowa community and that our products have won over the taste buds of whiskey enthusiasts across the country,” says Jeff Quint. “We’re especially proud our son Murphy will take over as the second-generation Master Distiller and know that the distillery is poised for continued growth under an experienced executive team being led by Jamie Siefken,”

Over the past several years, Cedar Ridge Bourbon has become the best-selling bourbon in Iowa, outperforming all other 750ml bourbons in terms of sales. Under Jamie’s leadership the sales team has expanded the footprint at retail and is now available on and off premise in 32 states, through a strategic partnership with Chopin Imports Limited. During this time Murphy has also expanded the portfolio with highly sought after limited editions.

“The growth of Cedar Ridge has been remarkable both as a brand and as a destination in Iowa and beyond,” says Jeff Quint who will remain CEO of the Swisher, Iowa distillery.

Under Murphy’s direction the distillery has expanded its portfolio of award-winning bourbons and introduced The QuintEssential, one of the first American Single Malts launched and the winner of several double gold medals and whiskey of the year honors.

“It’s an incredible honor to receive the title of Master Distiller,” says Murphy. “While this badge bears my name, it wouldn’t exist without the unwavering support and dedication of the entire Cedar Ridge Operations Team. Their passion fuels mine, and together we’ll write a bold new chapter in our whiskey legacy.”

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