Cedar Ridge Distillery Launches Iowa’s First Bourbon since Prohibition Era

New Iowa Legislation Allows Cedar Ridge to Sell Spirits Directly from its Swisher Facility, Beginning July 1, 2010

June 17th, 2010 — Swisher, IA—Cedar Ridge™ Distillery, Iowa’s first micro-distillery, announced today that it is launching Iowa’s first bourbon. Made from corn, Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey is crafted in small batches in a European-engineered 80-gallon pot still for a high-quality, smooth, premium bourbon that is receiving rave reviews at tasting events across the Country. Under new Iowa legislation, Cedar Ridge will be able sell up to two bottles per person directly from its new facility near Swisher, beginning July 1, which is also the start of Cedar Ridge’s special launch event at the distillery, Bourbon & Blues Fest (July 1-4).

Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey is the fourth addition to its dark spirits portfolio of Dark Aged Rum, Grape Brandy and Apple Brandy. Jeff Quint, Cedar Ridge Proprietor and Master Distiller, says that his Cedar Ridge bourbon is the ultimate home entertaining beverage, “Our customers are going to enjoy the rich flavor of Iowa’s first bourbon whiskey. Though we have pre-sold most of the 360 commemorative bottles from barrel number one already, this bourbon is not simply a collector’s item to sit on a shelf, you’re also going to want to buy another bottle to enjoy – it’s truly that good,” he stated.

Iowa imports several hundred million dollars of spirits every year from other states and countries. Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey is leading the charge to reverse the trend in Iowa being a net importer of spirits consumed here. “It’s ironic that Iowa is the corn state and bourbon, by law, must be made of at least 51% corn, yet, until now, we have not been producing and exporting bourbon. We are excited to make that happen for Iowa,” stated Mr. Quint.

Stephen Larson, Administrator for the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division sees the new Iowa legislation (effective July 1st) as a positive for Iowa economic development. “We are working to create a level playing field for Iowa’s small businesses, like Cedar Ridge, to help ensure their success, and support Iowa’s economy at a grassroots level,” he stated.

While Cedar Ridge was the first distillery to open in Iowa since the end of Prohibition, Quint anticipates Iowa will have six distilleries in operation within 10 years. “Templeton Rye opened soon after we did, and I am aware of a third distillery that’s preparing to open along the Mississippi River this year, I believe.”

Bourbon Whiskey has long been enjoyed straight, often over ice, but dozens of popular cocktail recipes make it a versatile drink for today’s consumer trends. Several recipes, including the American Woman, are available on the Cedar Ridge Distillery web site www.crdistillery.com.

The Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey package features a classy translucent bottle and a sophisticated design that showcases the beautiful caramel color of this premium bourbon. The 40-percent alcohol-by-volume (80 proof) dark spirit is available in a 750-ml size bottle. It has a suggested retail price of $33.99 and is available at Cedar Ridge Distillery in Swisher, beginning Thursday, July 1, but will also be available in Iowa retail stores soon.

For more information about Bourbon & Blues Fest, July 1-4, at Cedar Ridge Vineyards, Winery & Distillery, visit www.crdistillery.com or www.crwine.com.

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