Straight Rye Whiskey

Unlike most rye whiskeys, Cedar Ridge uses malted rye in its mash bill. To malt, the rye grains are soaked in water to germinate, then given a blast of hot air. Malting the rye generates an enzyme that is naturally helpful in the mashing process and adds weight and complex flavors of toast and biscuit to the whiskey.


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Cedar Ridge Straight Rye Whiskey

Leaving a Legacy of
Whiskey in the Midwest

  • Blue Lifestyle Seal of Approval (2017) – GOLD
  • Los Angeles International Spirits Competition (2016) – 91 POINTS
  • International Craft Spirits Awards (2016) – GOLD
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2016) – GOLD
  • Beverage Testing Institute (2016) – 83 POINTS
2017 Distillery of the Year

The nose is so alluring and complex offering scents of baked apples, honey, roasted almonds, and caramel with accents of clove, allspice, and nutmeg. The palate in in full agreement with the nose delivering a lush fruit and caramel core with waves of brown spice, oak, and hints of leather, and black pepper. Medium to full-bodied with a rich fruit core while being vibrant with a bright dose of acidity providing perfect balance.


Whiskey Bundles

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Private Barrel Program

Cedar Ridge offers a limited number of bourbon and rye private barrels to select retailers, businesses, and whiskey clubs each year.

“The beautiful thing about whiskey is that there is no right or wrong. Each barrel is different, with its own unique strengths and limitations. Your role is to discover them.”

Murphy Quint
Murphy Quint, Head Distiller