Silver Label Single Malt

Centuries of enthusiasts can’t be wrong. If it has to be whiskey, make it a cask-aged single malt- if made in Scotland we could call it Scotch. At Cedar Ridge, we deliver the delicate flavor that can only be created by mellowing the finest ingredients in the finest barrels.

By using a variety of barrels for the aging process we’ve been able to impart a range of flavors into the finished whiskey giving each barrel its own signature nose and palate.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 marked the 10-year anniversary of the first licensed distillery in Iowa since Prohibition.

In celebration, Cedar Ridge released the first hand-selected cask of the new Silver Label Single Malt Whiskey we have been aging for this very special occasion. “We have nearly a thousand barrels of spirits on our property.  After much deliberation from our team, we’ve chosen the one barrel we’re most proud of to release for our anniversary celebration.  This is a pure malted barley product that spent time in two different casks, most recently with toasted cherry wood.  It is, in our opinion, the very best barrel we can offer” added Quint.

This toasted cherry wood expression is deep gold in color. We get delicate orange blossom on the nose, a raw honey and sweet cherry almond on the palate, with a sweet lingering finish. This barrel yielded 354 bottles.

*This product is only be available at Cedar Ridge, and is not available for shipping.

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