Lamponcella Liqueur

“Lampone” is Italian for raspberry. Cedar Ridge Lamponcella is the raspberry companion to our very popular Lemoncella. To create this sweet, intense raspberry liqueur, we start by soaking tanks of fresh raspberries in triple-distilled 192 proof spirits. This “geist” is then distilled again to create an awesome raspberry eau de vie. This eau de vie is then added to tanks of sweet raspberry puree, resulting in a 64-proof liqueur.

Cedar Ridge Lamponcella can be enjoyed on its own straight out of the freezer, although some may find it too intense straight up. It can be mixed 50/50 with Clearheart Vodka to make a beautiful, tasty raspberry martini, or drizzled over cheesecake or ice cream for a delicious dessert. (32% alc./vol.)


Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

3 fresh raspberries

1 tsp Cedar Ridge Lamponcella

1.5 oz Clearheart Vodka

2 ice cubes

Champagne to fill

Place 2 raspberries, Lamponcella and Clearheart Vodka in cocktail shaker. Shake until well blended. Carefully strain into chilled champagne flute. Top with champagne and remaining raspberry.

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