Just in Time for the Holidays!


Meet the Newest Additions to Our Whiskey Family!


holiday whiskey family 2014


Port Cask Finish ‘Holiday’ Bourbon

Allowed to rest in a Cedar Ridge Port cask for the last year, picking up a unique color and flavor of dried cherries and aromas of stone fruits dominate, while the familiar vanilla and spice take a supporting role in the overall flavor profile.

Malted Rye Whiskey

This Malted Rye is making history. As opposed to other rye whiskeys- which are quite common- we use malted rye in its grain bill. Malting the rye generates an enzyme that is naturally helpful with the mashing process and adds weight and an extraordinarily complex flavor profile of toast and biscuit to the whiskey. One of only three malted rye whiskeys made in the world. Very limited supply.

Single Malt Whiskey

Our Single Malt Whiskey is released one barrel at a time throughout the year. By using a variety of barrels for the aging process we’ve been able to impart a range of flavors into the finished whiskey giving each barrel its own signature nose and palate.

Barrel #19 Peat

Nose: Smokey, peaty, honey
Color: Deep Copper – burnished
Palate: Earthy, woody, smoke-light tobacco

Barrel #20 Biscuit

Nose: Candied almonds, toasted coconut, amber malt
Color: Yellow Gold
Palate: Nutty, slightly sweet cereal, caramel notes

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