Cedar Ridge Whiskey Announces New Look, New Proof, Same Price

SWISHER, IOWA – After wrapping up a record August in Iowa as the #1 selling 750 ml. Bourbon in the state, Cedar Ridge is excited to announce the next big step for their whiskey family – new look, new proof, same price. “The increase in proof, ultimately means an increase in flavor,” says General Manager, Jamie Siefken. Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon, Single Malt and Wheat Whiskey, currently bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV), will increase to 86 proof (43% ABV) with this new roll-out in the coming months.

“As we prepared to release the higher 86 proof whiskey ahead of the holidays,” says Cedar Ridge Founder, Jeff Quint, “we made the decision to update the packaging with a new custom bottle and label design. The consumer is now getting a richer, higher proof whiskey in a new package, at the same price we’ve been selling it at for the last decade. Our followers have helped us build a great Company over the years, so this is just us showing our appreciation.”

Cedar Ridge’s flagship Iowa Bourbon Whiskey, crafted of 74% family-farmed corn, will be the first product to hit Iowa’s shelves in Mid-October at the new proof, in the new package, at the same price. Retailers will be able to order the new Iowa Bourbon through the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division (ABD) using the current product code 17206. Surrounding Midwestern states can expect to see the new package hitting the shelves Mid-November.

About Cedar Ridge
In 2005, Cedar Ridge became the first licensed distillery in the state of Iowa since Prohibition, when owners Jeff and Laurie Quint aimed to follow a long family tradition of Iowa farmers and distillers, including Jeff’s father and grandfather, who produced locally made brandies. Cedar Ridge produces wines from its own estate-grown grapes and crafts its award-winning spirits in its four custom-engineered German pot stills. The lush 5,000 vines and 15,000 square foot winery, distillery, tasting room and event center provide quality wines, spirits and an exciting entertainment experience for Eastern Iowa.

For additional information contact Cedar Ridge’s General Manager, Jamie Seifken at (319) 857-4300 or by email at jamie@cedarridgewhiskey.com.


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