Cedar Ridge V Wine Wins Gold at 2022 Los Angeles International Wine Competition

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA (April 20, 2022) – Cedar Ridge is pleased to announce that the 2021 release of its “V” dessert wine has won Gold at the 2022 Los Angeles International Wine Competition with a score of 90 points. Launched in November 2021, this limited quantity, dessert wine is inspired by the traditional Madeira wines from Portugal.

“Each time I travel to new wineries I always hope to find that one bottle that blows past basic expectations. Something hiding under the radar but deserves to be put on a pedestal. Those are the most prized bottles in my personal collection. After taking Gold at the LA International Wine Comp, it confirmed what I already knew – V is that bottle,” said Cedar Ridge Wine Maker Kent Foulker.

Cedar Ridge V is a Madeira-inspired dessert wine created by the Canteiro process—a process used only for the highest quality Madeiras. The 2021 release was made by harvesting white grape varieties from our estate. Grapes are crushed, pressed, fermented, and fortified by our brandy. After aging in the winery for three years, a portion of the wine graduates to our five-barrel solera system for a minimum of five summers in the intense Iowa sun.

“Our solera system is a series of five barrels you may have noticed sitting outside our event center over the last few years. Each year, we bottle about 350-400 bottles from the final barrel; and then top that barrel off with the barrel next to it in line. Then, we refill that barrel with the one next to it, and so on until we have open space in the fifth barrel,” Foulker added. “This is where the graduating wine joins the fun outside. This system creates a more and more complex product over the years as the average age in the final barrel increases with each passing vintage.”

Baking Cedar Ridge V in the sun caramelizes the sugars in the wine, creating rich and nutty flavors. It is also a form of pasteurization, allowing V to age for an extended amount of time even after the bottle is opened. This is contributed by a perfect balance of acid and alcohol. Each bottle has been hand-labeled and waxed dipped by Foulker to complete this special release.
Earlier this year, Cedar Ridge Wine Maker Kent Foulker was named Wine Maker of the Year by the Iowa Wine Growers Association. Read more about the award:

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