Cedar Ridge Spirits Distributed in IL & MN

Swisher, IA.   Cedar Ridge Vineyards announced their spirits line is now being distributed regionally including Illionis & Minnesota markets. The distribution partnerships expand the addressable market by 6 fold.

Cedar Ridge Vineyards opened the first new still in Iowa since prohibition.  Using corn,   Jeff began micro-distilling small batch spirits. The release of Cedar Ridge Bourbon has been an ongoing success, garnering the 2011 Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Premium dark spirits is a rapidly growing market segment, and Cedar Ridge is a recognized as a strong brand in this space.

Jeff Quint, Proprietor & Master Distiller, notes, “Spirits distillation is a new industry in the State of Iowa. It is such a natural fit, though. We have the natural resources to be a world leader in this market. The jobs we create are great jobs, and the industry is a lot of fun. My hope is we can grow this industry so that we are a net exporter of spirits.”

Iowa corn is exported worldwide and used for spirits distillation. The value add to the corn is occurring internationally in Russia & France, and nationally in Kentucky. Iowa is a net importer of spirits from these far flung locations. “For every 1 litre of alcohol we distill, we use XXX corn. The value add that we put into that corn is YYY. “

Other award winning, locally produced offerings from Cedar Ridge include:

Clearheart Vodka  & Cedar Ridge Dark Rum (Gold Medals, Los Angeles International Spirits Competition) and LaCrescent Wine (Best Iowa Wine- Mid American Wine Competition.)


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