Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey Fastest Selling Bourbon in Iowa


Swisher, IA – December 14, 2018, According to data pulled from the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA), Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey is the fastest selling 750 ml. bourbon in Iowa. December 5, 2018, NABCA posted November year-to-date results, identifying sales velocity by the bottle for all Iowa Class E liquor license holders. Class E Liquor license holders include grocery, liquor and convenience stores, etc. Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey came out on top.

Upon receiving the news, Brandon Parizek, Cedar Ridge Global Sales Director, was elated, “Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon has really hit the mainstream now, surpassing sales of such well known Bourbons as Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Bulleit and the other mass-produced brands. With their billions to spend on national promotional campaigns, it is quite uncommon for a local producer to outsell the mass producers.  We have the knowledgeable Iowa consumer to thank for this accomplishment.  Bourbon is made from corn and we make the best corn in the world right here.  Sorry, Kentucky.”

Cedar Ridge Owner & Founder, Jeff Quint explains, “That was the whole premise behind starting our distillery. Iowa makes more corn than any state in the country, and most distilled spirits are made from corn, yet, before Cedar Ridge, we Iowans were importing 100% of the $300 million in distilled spirits we consume annually.  We’re selling $4 worth of corn and buying back $40 of spirits made from that corn.”

Quint adds, “If we could only reverse that statistic, and become an exporter of spirits instead of an importer, the positive economic impact to our area would be tremendous.” And Cedar Ridge appears to be playing a very large role in that movement.

In 2005, Cedar Ridge became the first licensed distillery in the state of Iowa since Prohibition, when owners Jeff and Laurie Quint aimed to follow a long family tradition of Iowa farmers and distillers, including Jeff’s father and the several generations before him, who produced locally made brandies. Cedar Ridge produces wines from its own estate-grown grapes and crafts its award-winning spirits in its four custom-engineered German pot stills. The lush 5,000 vines and 15,000 square foot winery, distillery, tasting room and event center provide quality wines, spirits and an exciting entertainment experience for our Creative Corridor.

For additional information contact Cedar Ridge’s Anna Servey at (319)857-4300 or by email at anna@cedarridgewhiskey.com


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