Cedar Ridge Completes Solar Installation

Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery announced the completion of its first solar installation at its campus in Swisher, Iowa. With the addition of this solar option, Cedar Ridge becomes the first winery and distillery in the state to have both solar and wind power fueling its operations.

“As the number one bourbon in Iowa, we have a unique responsibility to be good stewards of our natural resources and set an example for other growing industries in the state,” said Jamie Siefken, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery.

Cedar Ridge’s new solar array will power the company’s recently completed corporate offices on the north side of the property.  Installed by Ankeny-based 1 Source Solar, the solar array and inverter will generate more than 545,500 Kwh of energy and save Cedar Ridge more than $60,000 over 30 years.

“While solar not only impacts Cedar Ridge’s bottom line, it also plays a huge part in the company’s commitment to going green,” added Matt Randklev, Development Coordinator with 1 Source Solar. “To produce an equivalent amount of energy, you would have to burn 272,000 tons of coal.”

Additionally, this system will produce enough energy for an electric vehicle to travel 1,652,727 miles, or be the equivalent of there being an additional 3,125.45 30-year-old trees in the world.

Cedar Ridge installed a wind turbine on the property back in 2011 to provide the bulk of the power for the brand’s original distillation pot.  As the newer stills were installed, the wind turbine now helps reduce the amount of electricity for the entire operations.

Cedar Ridge will be hosting an open house to help encourage other Eastern Iowa businesses to invest in renewable energy. Media are welcome to join.

DATE: April 22, 2021
TIME: 5 p.m., 5:30 p.m. remarks followed by a social hour and live music beginning at 7 p.m.
PLACE: Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery, 1441 Marak Road, Swisher, IA 52338


  • Cedar Ridge Executive Vice President and General Manager Jamie Siefken
  • 1 Source Solar Development Coordinator Matt Randklev

For additional information contact Cedar Ridge’s Anne Rierson at (319) 857-4300 or by email at anne@cedarridgewhiskey.com

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