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By Dora Miller

If you’re looking a new taste, look no further.

A new, limited edition craft beer is bottled and is ready for distribution and only 144 people can get their hands on this one.

As part of a collaborative special release, Millstream Brewing Company, Cedar Ridge distillery and Hyvee all helped create a limited edition beer.

“We’ve never done a special release like this,” Teresa Albert, co-owner of Millstream, said.

The idea for the release came from Brad Schwartz, a manager at the Wilson Avenue Hyvee.

While at Cedar Ridge, he picked out a bourbon barrel and decided to take it to Millstream for help on how to make a special mix.

“The newest thing is aging beer in bourbon barrels, so I thought it’d be a good idea,” Schwartz said.

Since a lot of time and manpower goes into making beer, Schwartz decided to make it a group effort and invite some of his customers to help.

“Anybody who wanted to come help bottle put their name in a drawing,” Albert said.

Three winners of the drawing made the trip to the Amanas to help bottle, label and box the 144 bottles of special edition Shokoridge Bourbon Bock.

“It’s awesome, I’ve never done anything like this before,” Teri Butz, one of the winners, said. “It’ll be worth every sip once we get to pop that open.”

“With all the new craft distilleries and craft breweries that are popping up in Iowa and around the country, there’s an opportunity for us to create any number of new products,” Jeff Quint, founder of Cedar Ridge distillery, said. “You’re as innovative as you can be creative. In this case, Brad’s just got all kinds of ideas.”

This idea infuses chocolate and vanilla flavors with a hint of coffee, barrel-aged for three months.

“The Shokoridge Bourbon Bock is a chocolate bock in German, so we figured chocolate, Valentine’s,” Albert said.

The limited edition beer will be available on February 12th from 5-7 p.m.

More than half of the beers have been reserved already, so Schwartz encouraged those interested to reserve their bottle at the Wilson Hyvee sooner rather than later.


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