Cedar Ridge Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon Wins Gold from John Barleycorn Society

November 30, 2021 (SWISHER, IOWA) – Cedar Ridge Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon received Gold from the John Barleycorn International Spirits Competition. The Bourbon was part of the society’s Fall 2021 Taste Judging Competition. This particular expression was released in July of 2021.

Cedar Ridge releases a Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon annually to commemorate the launch of the brand and Iowa’s first bourbon since Prohibition on July 1, 2010. The 2021 release marked the first year that Cedar Ridge Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon was offered outside of the state of Iowa hitting retail shelves in Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Each entry was blindly-tasted and scored on a 100-point scale for appearance, aroma, taste, and finish. Judges described Cedar Ridge Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon as follows:

“Like a beautiful silk scarf. The nose is granny smith apples, silky with cola pops and a viscous palate that’s fruity with a touch of vanilla and a rich finish of molasses, caramel, and dark fruits.”

The John Barleycorn Awards honors the distillers, marketers, writers, and designers whose work is truly exceptional and deserving of industry recognition. The awards are divided into Taste and Marketing + Design Competitions. The John Barleycorn Awards is distinct from other spirits competitions because of its association with writers and its
support for the spirits industry.

The Taste judging was under the leadership of noted author and spirits writer John McCarthy who oversees some of the world’s top spirits writers, as well as runs the BarleycornDrinks blog. Judges include Leslie Sbrocco, Fred Minnick, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, Robin Robinson, Wayne Curtis, Frank Caiafa, Jack Robertiello, G. Clay Whittaker, Tony Sachs, Brad Japhe, Rachel DelRocco Terrazas, Amanda Schuster, Susie O., Jackie Summers, and David Moritz.


In 2005, Jeff Quint founded Cedar Ridge Distillery because he believed it was time for Iowa–the number one corn-producing state in the U.S.–to share its homegrown bourbon whiskey with the world. Today, as Iowa’s first and oldest distillery, Cedar Ridge provides premium Midwest whiskey from America’s grain belt, managing every step of production while allowing nature to be the ultimate guide. Influenced by our heritage of winemaking and roots in agriculture, Cedar Ridge consistently produces high-quality, award-winning products. Learn more at www.cedarridgewhiskey.com.

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